ESL 600

This week, we continue to work in our Summit 2 text books. We are working on unit 9, whose theme is future trends & technology. We focused on how the passive voice can be used to describe technology, specifically in future & future perfect tenses.

We also read, listened to & discussed the article about scientists who’re working on an influenza vaccine. As always, we took our weekly quiz on Thursday.

For elective, we’re studying idiomatic language via authentic media as well as the COC’s fluency and pronunciation course.

Another successful week in the books! We have no school on Monday due to Labor Day. We’ll pick up where we left off on Tuesday.

School News

The summer semester has finished at The College of Chicago, we have said our good-byes to departing students, and welcomed new students for the Fall semester. Friday, August 21st marked fall semester orientation, followed by a field trip to the Chicago History Museum. The museum highlighted major events throughout the great history of Chicago. Students interacted with exhibits that featured models of Chicago from its beginnings as a French-Native American trading post to its current state as a modern megacity with towering skyscrapers and people from all over the world. Check out our Facebook page to see more highlights from the trip!


Week 1 is underway in the TOEFL class. We have some new faces in class this semester, so getting to know each other has been exciting this week. Our academic theme is Business, and students are learning about employment, management strategies, resumes, and the American workforce. One of our authentic videos of the week is titled, “The Business of Life”, which highlights issues and debates regarding the millennial generation and the changing world economy. Additionally, as part of week 1, we are taking TOEFL diagnostic exams in the computer lab. These exams will help us know our current TOEFL score and English abilities, which will allow us to set goals and plan instruction for future classes.

ESL 400


News Hour:

Twitter ends 140-character Direct Message limit


Top Notch Unit 6 | Lessons 3-4 on pages 68 – 71

Unit 6 | Lesson 3: Discuss skills, abilities, and qualifications

Unit 6 | Lesson 4: Discuss factors that promote success


Simpsons Elective – “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood”

Simpsons Elective – “Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment”