What We Did in Our COC TOEFL Spring Trimester 2014 Block 2 Lesson 1


A | We went over the new syllabus paragraph by paragraph and the students wrote down their own listening, speaking, reading and writing goals.

B | We discussed the words that will be on tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz and each student wrote example sentences with 3 or 4 of the words.

C | The students worked together in pairs on Cambridge Practice TOEFL Test 1 Reading Section. Afterwards we reviewed some of the answers and discussed them as a class.

D | We discussed our 3-D printing study group collaboration.

E | We analyzed “Factual Questions” in the TOEFL Reading Simulation and did some practice questions.


1 | Find either a video or article about 3-D printing and share it with the study group
2 | Read the “Negative Factual Questions” section of lesson 1 on pages 29 – 30
3 | (If not already done) Finish the “gears of my childhood” essay
4 | Pick a topic for your Survey Essay
5 | Study the 15 vocabulary words for tomorrow’s quiz