What We Did in Our COC TOEFL Spring Trimester 2014 Block 2 Lesson 3 on April 30th, 2014


A | Reviewed and discussed students results on Vocabulary Quiz 8.1, then students took Vocabulary Quiz 8.2. Afterwards students prepared example sentences with words on the upcoming vocab quiz.

B | Students worked in pairs on the Cambridge Test 2 Reading Simulation.

C | Students revised their essay responding to the “Gears of My Childhood” reading (via the Learning Creative Learning 2 syllabus) and then we had a discussion, followed by the students developing their TOEFL Speaking Section skills by practicing independent speaking prompts.

D | Worked with students to develop an outline they will use to make the handouts for the TOEFL Reading Section Skills lessons they will be teaching next week.


Everything is due Monday.

1 | Finish reading the essay “Mitchel Resnick (2007): All I Really Need to Know (About Creative Thinking) I Learned (By Studying How Children Learn) in Kindergarten. ACM Creativity & Cognition conference.” which you can download from the Learning Creative Learning 2 syllabus and then write 4 discussion questions for Monday’s class discussion

2 | Send an e-mail to the 3-D printing study group answering a question or sharing a useful resource

3 | Study all of Exercise 8 on The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test, iBT Edition pages 204 – 206

4 | Find another research article and finish writing the research section of your Research Survey Project essay



  1. 28 Apr 2014 – Lesson 1
  2. 29 Apr 2014 – Lesson 2