What We Did in Our COC TOEFL Spring Trimester 2014 Block 2 Lesson 6 on May 6th, 2014


A | Did vocabulary quiz 9.1

B | Practice words for vocabulary quiz 9.2 tomorrow with students putting example sentences on the board

C | Cambridge TOEFL Reading Simulation #5

D | Discussed the progress of the handouts students will be generating for their TOEFL Reading Skills lessons

E | Student gave a TOEFL Reading Skills Lesson on “Factual Questions”

F | Reviewed “Inference Questions” that we went over yesterday as a class

G | Had an incredible class discussion about the Mitchel Resnick 2007 paper “All I Really Need to Know (About Creative Thinking) I Learned (By Studying How Children Learn) in Kindergarten”.


Due Tomorrow

1 | Study the 15 vocab words for tomorrow’s quiz

2 | Write an independent essay on “How can we apply the kindergarten approach from the Resnick paper to our class?” in response to the paper we read. Remember “This paper argues that the ‘kindergarten approach to learning’ – characterized by a spiraling cycle of Imagine, Create, Play, Share, Reflect, and back to Imagine – is ideally suited to the needs of the 21st century, helping learners develop the creative-thinking skills that are critical to success and satisfaction in today’s society.” [Italics added by me; Source]


3 | Draft 1 due Thursday | Work on your movie script

4 | Due for your Presentation | Finish your handout to use in your TOEFL Reading Skills lesson

5 | Finish any missing work for the survey project

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